The Clever Wordsmith

Mike Tomlin was educated at William and Mary.  It was time and money well spent because for quite awhile the clever wordsmith has been hiding behind the intellectual personna he projects through his command of the English language.  The truth of the matter is that Mike Tomlin is a fraud.  He has been masquerading as a head football coach in the NFL for a number of years.  The Rooney family put the veil of propriety in place when they hired this guy ostensibly under the “Rooney Rule”.   Tomlin is incredibly articulate and he knows all the cliches in the book.  The press conferences he conducts are arguably the best scripted performances in all professional football.

To the chagrin of Steeler fans,  the team continues to underachieve despite all the excuses Tomlin offers in his magnificent manner of speech.  It’s a paradox, folks.  What appears to be true really isn’t.  Steeler fans need to come to their senses by casting aside their blind loyalty to this man.   Sometimes the truth does not rise to the surface by itself.  You have to peel away the layers; you have to dig a little deeper.  Just consider the most recent fiasco.

The Steeler braintrust, of which Mike Tomlin is an integral part, made a decision to give up a future draft pick in order to acquire place kicker, Josh Scobee, from Jacksonville.  They didn’t pluck a kicker from the waiver wire; this group of decision makers desperately sought the services of Scobee.  Like it or not, by virtue of that decision, Scobee became “Tomlin’s kicker”.

Flash back to Thursday night.  Scobee made two field goals early in the game and then missed two late in regulation.  The misses were magnified because Baltimore was able to score and force overtime.  Scobee was not performing to an acceptable NFL kicking standard, but that was not reason enough to abandon him.  If it was, Tomlin should have abandoned Antonio Brown when he dropped the touchdown pass from Vick earlier in the game and done the same to Moats when he whiffed on the Baltimore ball carrier in the open field that cost the team a touchdown.  When the Steeler offense stalled at the Raven 33 yard line in overtime, Tomlin chose to gamble by placing the game in the hands of his backup QB.  He abandoned his kicker altogether effectively placing Scobee in limbo and ripping away any vestiges of confidence the kicker had in himself.

Tomlin’s gamble backfired.  Tomlin’s best chance to win the game at that moment rested with his place kicker. Yet, despite the percentages favoring that move, Tomlin rejected it.

Under Mike Tomlin’s leadership, this team will continue to underachieve.  The Rooneys put the albatross in place, but they will never admit their mistake.  In fact, they recently extended Tomlin’s contract.  It’s going to be rough sledding for Steeler fans for the forseeable future and that’s a real shame because the Steeler roster does contain some extraordinary athletes and the window of opportunity for these players to reach the pinnacle of their sport will not remain open much longer.


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